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The Rebel 4×4 Performance Exhaust System to suit the Holden Colorado RG 2.8L Turbo Diesel (2012-2016 Single, Space and Dual Cab) is 3” Mandrel Bent & available in 6 different configurations.  Please note that this exhaust system will not suit vehicles fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

Build your own exhaust system how you want it!

With or Without a High Flow Catalytic Converter. The option is yours, however it is strongly recommended to have a Catalytic Converter in your exhaust system to meet with current emissions requirements. We install 200 CPSI High Flow Catalytic Converters in our exhaust systems which will not hinder the performance of your vehicle, and will keep your vehicle compliant.  If you want to have a no cat system we are happy to help you.

Next is the choice of sound. We offer a Large Muffler for a quiet note, a Hot Dog Muffler for a mid-tone note, or Straight Pipe/No Muffler for a loud note. Again these 3 options will not affect the performance, only the sound. The large muffler and hot dog are “straight through” in design, which allows the gases and heat from the turbo to pass through quickly, but sound is absorbed by the muffler design. These components are interchangeable, a simple bolt out – bolt in job, and can be purchased separately,

We would suggest the Large Muffler for applications such as towing or extended periods of highway driving.  If you are after a more noticeable note from the exhaust, then the Hot Dog Muffler will offer this, but a slight chance of a drone, and then the Straight Pipe option will give a definite sound increase.

What can you expect!

Improved Power, Torque and Fuel Economy along with reduced Exhaust Gas Temperatures.

These systems are designed for the self-fit market.

Unlike our competitors our customer service team are available 7 days a week to take your order, discuss which system will be best for you, or to help you with any questions you may have fitting the system.

Approximate Fitting Time: 2.5 Hours

Aftermarket Accessories: No known fitment issues

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 146 x 37 x 39 cm
Rebel Warranty

24 Month Warranty

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• Removable plug Boss for EGT probe
• 3 bolt, 10mm thick flange plates
• Mandrel bent tube
• Fitment guaranteed
• Coated with heat proof paint
• Smart box packed to protect product in transit
• 24 month warranty